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MS Dynamics 365 BC

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, the goal is to offer quick and trustworthy answers to your questions. The three words which describe best the ERP, are: Vision, Planning, Control.


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC ERP gives you control over your business’s main activities: sales and marketing, acquisitions, financial management, budgets, warehouse (depositis), manufacturing, jobs. Make use of specific KPIs!

Make sure the ERP sustains your business growth towards the next level!

Software knows no boundaries for progress.
Want to overcome yours?



The certified localization and translation solution for MS Dynamics 365 BC ERP together with comprehensive standard settings, is available off the shelf. Partener validation on ANAF platform, reports and specific financial declarations, are just a few of the available functionalities.
As the partnership implies being close to user, we provide a comprehensive manual in romanian language. Download localization summary here.


Sales and Marketing

On site or from the office, the sales team can focus on customer interaction. Commercial agreements, rules and constraints are set up and managed in MS Dynamics 365 BC.


Project Management

Milestones, stock availability, resource allocation, all managed within the reliable erp solution. The available reports which present the budget-realized comparison, for each project phase, are the standard tools for any project manager.

Project Management


More control, more clarity, less errors. From basic to complex, the warehouse flows are managed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.


Financial Management

On top of daily operations which generate financial data, a series of tools and information like cash-flow, budget and cost center analysis, declarations, account schedules are available according to legislation and in real-time.



Replenishment methods for each item, vendor’s lead time, customer promised delivery dates are variables in the acquisition suggestion calculus, so the sales are honored and inventory is kept at its optimum level.



Setting up the production components and routing must be followed by comparing them with the real situation. Production planning, routings, machines, workers, subcontractors, correlated with raw material availability, actual consumption and output booking and deviations highlight, gives the production overview.



Throughout service operations, warranty and out of warranty, this module assists the teams in organizing their work based on customer’s demand, available contracts, planned maintenance and resource availability.


E-Commerce Integration

Handling online orders without navigating through multiple systems is an obvious advantage. Fewer errors and faster processes from order placement to delivery are considerable gains. Customers, orders, items and stock information, all is up to date in both systems, online and ERP, no matter the direction. Choose the best option for your flows: out of the shelf connector solution in collaboration with our partners, or custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Carriers Integration

Speed up your delivery processes and stop double work. Demand carrier shipping services and obtain tracking codes directly in your MS Dynamics 365 BC ERP, based on the sales order and delivery documents. Available carriers: GLS, UrgentCargus, NemoExpress, DPD, FanCurier, TransilvaniaPost.


Bank Integration

Thanks to a well-thought integration, banking services are now closer to your ERP users . Main benefits? Time saved, operating erros eliminated and no more double work in processing payments.



Are retail sales a concern when thinking about the best processes? We’ve developed a package to answer the need for simplicity, flexibility and speed.
From the first item scan to handing over the fiscal receipt to the customer, your cashiers will work in a easy to use screen, which allows multiple payment methods and “mix and match” promotions. The obvious gain? Less time spent on avoiding errors and more time dedicated to the customers you’re welcoming in your store. And one more thing: there’s no need for additional software; everything is installed as part of MS Dynamics 365 BC!

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Microsoft 365 Business (Office 365)

Microsoft 365 Business – designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.
Formerly known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 Business is integrated with MS Dynamics 365 BC.

“Anytime Anywhere” is for real.

Office Apps

Accessible from any device, Microsoft 365 Business is available in a wide range of licensing models.

For details please access Pachete Office.



Azure is the platform that you can count on, either when talking about a start-up or a mature business. MS Dynamics 365 BC is “cloud-ready”, being designed, developed and tested for the best performance in cloud.



Azure is compliant with following european standards for security (ISO 27001, HIPAA, FEDRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2). Microsoft experience in IT security is in service for every Azure user.



The capacity and performance of the virtual machines can be easily adjusted according to your needs.



Access to Azure is granted with the right credentials using any internet connection and from any device that uses Windows, Android or iOS. It works perfectly with the established program of operation and virtual machines back-up.


Power BI

Data aggregation from several sources, their analysis and visualization, are the basic functionalities of the Power BI solution. The resulting reports are an important element in defining the business strategy.

Power BI